Nail Aftercare

In order to maintain your Nail Enhancements and Gelish/Shellac for long-term wearability, please read and follow these simple guidelines.

Oil nails twice per day to maintain strength, hydration and flexibility. Product that is allowed to become brittle will crack and break.

I personally retail Dadi’ oil (suitable for nut allergy sufferers). These are retailed at £5 for the standard bottles of Dadi and £12 for a large bottle of Dadi oil. This oil blend has a great reputation and really help your nails to look their best for longer. I only recommend professional blends as the oils contained have tiny molecules which are small enough to penetrate the surface layer of the skin and nail, and pull the larger molecule of the Vitamin E in behind them.

Treat your nails as jewels, not tools! The use of ‘tools’ to help you perform your daily routines will help to insure against breakage. For instance, use a pop-top opener to open cola cans, use the side of your hand or finger to open car or refrigerator doors, and never reach for anything with your fingertips as the nail extensions will reach the object first.

Nails that are too long for your lifestyle and activity level (repetitive downward tip pressure) result in service breakdown. If your nails become too long between appointments, shorten the length with the 240-grit file, file gently and finish in a downward stroke.

Fungal infections are caused by air-borne spores (pseudomonas bacterium) that have become trapped between the overlay and the nail plate layers. These spores require food to eat and moisture to grow. The nail plate layers contain contaminates along with the natural oil and moisture. Should you notice any discolouration of your nail plate or notice any lifting occur between visits, please contact me so that I can assess the damage and repair if necessary. Please do not attempt to glue the area of lift. Most instant glues are not moisture resistant. Instant glue also sets-up the instant it is exposed to air. The glue cannot ‘re-seal’ lifted material and may incorporate air-borne bacteria or spores into the area of lift.

To prevent the spread of communicable or infectious disease, never share your files or nail and foot care implements with others. In the salon I use hospital grade sanitisers and disinfectants, among other methods to protect yourself and others.

Wear gloves when performing household chores, working in the garden or whenever you use cleaning solutions of any kind. Most household cleaning solutions contain chemicals that will affect the overlay and result in service breakdown. Some household pest sprays contain a chemical that may actually melt the surface of the overlay and compromise the integrity of the product. Nail varnish remover can cause damage to your Gelish/Shellac enhancements.

Wear gloves and wash your hands after using SPF products, tinted lotions (fake tan) and hair colour, as these can discolour your nails.

And finally, please, do NOT pull your enhancement or Gelish/Shellac if you happen to see any lifting. This can lead to natural nail plate damage. Please contact me so I can assess the damage and either repair or replace the product. Please note that repairs are chargeable.

Your nail treatments have been applied by a professional, for best care of your nails they should be removed by a professional.

Dadi oil is recommended and used by celebrity nail technicians Marion Newman (in Vogue) and Leah Light, and can be purchased at Pampered and Polished Salon from £5.00.

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